DMJ Movement Joint

Movement Joints

DENPLEX tile movement joints that are used on floors an walls to protect edges and accommodate movement and local stresses such as drying shrinkage , thermal variation , transient loading etc.

The need for tile movement joints can be best explained by seeing the photograph shown.

DENPLEX movement joints are manufactured using high quality brass,stainless steel or plates bonded to synthetic rubber inserts.There are made according international standards.

DENPLEX tile joints manufactured using 1.5 mm side plates of brass,stainless steel ,aluminum bonded firmly to synthetic rubber insert 7 mm thick .

The side plate range from 15-40 mm in height and another another heights can be ordered and can be specially ordered for a greater thickness for heavy duty application.

Rubber insert are available in Gray,Beige and Black as standard colors.All profiles are fabricated for a cut length of 2.44 m.

DENPLEX tile joints manufactured using tow flat side plates ,two L-side plates or one flat side plate and L-side plate on the other side.