Dividing Strip

DENPLEX  Dividing Strip has been used to divide the finishes of different types of
flooring materials such as tiles to tiles, tiles to marble / carpet etc.
It has been used to different types of project including shopping malls, hospital,
schools and airport. As well, it will help in protecting and decorating the middle
and outside corners.
DENPLEX Dividing Strips are manufactured in Stainless Steel as per AISI 304-1.4301
and AISI 316-1.4404(stainless steel divider strips), Aluminium(aluminum divider strip) , Brass (brass divider strip) & Copper Bronze finish.
Also comes in different sizes, thickness and finishes like mirror,
brush and paint depends on the Architectural Design.
DENPLEX Dividing Strips are also manufactured  with straight and curved profiles.