DAST Aluminum Fixing system

Stone fixing system

DAST Aluminum A ventilated facade is a means of covering a building; the porcelain stoneware surface is anchored to the wall of the building thanks to an aluminum structure and mechanical anchorage devices.
A ventilation gap is thus created between the two surfaces; the air in the chamber is moved by convection generating a micro ventilation effect which allows the walls of the building to breathe.
The installation of a suitable insulating layer eliminates thermal bridges, reduces heat dispersion in winter and heat accumulation in the summer; all this to the advantage of energy savings and the comfort of the people in the building.

Aluminum SYSTEM DAST01

Stone fixing system

The structure is made up of profiles and brackets manufactured via the extrusion of aluminum alloy, with a minimum thickness of 2 mm. The structure will be tied to the support in order to absorb thermal expansion/ shrinkage and subsidence of the support itself so that the external covering is not affected by any possible future induced stress. The safety of the system must be guaranteed via a subsequent check for every single project, in accordance with the norms relating to wind pressure/depression.

Stone fixing system Aluminum Fixing System

Denplex Aluminum system available in other types with vertical & horizontal sections