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Technical Load Calculations

Load calculations and designs for all kind of brackets for stone fixing systems,
load calculations for steel supports and connections


Denplex will deliver the materials to your site to any place in UAE

Shop Drawings

Denplex provides all required shop drawings

Material's Submittal

Denplex provides all required documents to get the approval from consultants

Technical Services

Denplex provides services in the design of fixing systems and preparation of structural calculations. This service is done in the company technical department using CAD software and Dlubal programs. Technical department receives the necessary technical information of the project in order to propose the most suitable, secure, easy to use and economic fixing systems in accordance to the project criteria. Custom design is also made in accordance to the architectural drawings of the project. Denplex provides the necessary technical documentation for submittal to the project officials in order to receive the approval for the fixing system elements.

Quality Standards

Denplex is implementing DIN, BS and ASTM standards in the design and production of fixing systems. All products are designed and produced by its personnel, applying the latest production methods with modern machinery. Quality control team, under the supervision of a mechanical engineer, is selected from long serving and experienced foreman. All products, are checked within every production step and are compared with production drawings and specifications. The application of this management system is maintained and is a part of day-to-day operations