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Staircase (Step nosing) Profiles

  • Stair edging profiles for tiles and natural stone surfaces.
  • Stair edging profiles for parquet, laminate, carpeted and linoleum floors.
  • Stair edging profiles with special inserts

> Steps and stairways are a big challenge for any architects, designers or builders.  They need to look good but must also be safe to walk on and easy to climb.

> We are now turning them into a “stairway to enhanced architecture”, versatile room features which combine aesthetics and functionality in safe and durable fashion, step by step.

Our profiles:

  • Safe grip on any floor surface profiles

It’s a non-slip Stair edging profiles for any stair covering,it’s ensure maximum safety with any stairway floor covering, indoors or outdoors.

For carpets: it’s especially suitable for laying self-adhesive carpeting.


For tiles and natural stone: a chamfered rear edge means that these stair edging profiles provide extra non-slip safety on uncovered steps and reduce the risk of tripping, while also enhancing the look of the stairs.


Linoleum/parquet/laminate: The profiles ensure a high degree of safety on any stairs with linoleum covering. They are also equally suitable for self-adhesive floor coverings. There is a choice of PVC for any interior installation or anodized aluminium for indoors or outdoors. There is a large selection of profiles for steps in all shapes and sizes.

  • Profiles inlay

It is the vital core of the profiles and offers unique product benefits:
> Excellent non-slip properties in the dry or in the wet.
> Resistant to discoloration by sunlight, oils, grease, petrol,salts, acids, alkalis or cleaning agents.
> Simple installation thanks to self-adhesive back.
> Retains shape even under tension.
> It can also be laid separately without the use of a profile.

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  • Metal Profiles

Tough, gleaming metal with a high-gloss finish . Stair edging profiles with an extra-wide base.

With their high loading capacity and secure grip, Profiles are ideal for protecting stair edges in any location, indoors or out, in private dwellings, in offices or public buildings. The extra-wide base is perfectly matched for any height of profile and provides the stairs with additional and durable safety. Available in aluminium, brass and stainless steel with a variety of high-quality finishes.

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Its coming also with excellent edging for a perfect finish to stairs or worktops.

The outstanding looks and tough aluminium design make these stair and edge profiles the perfect all-rounders for kitchens as well as any kind of steps or stairways. Along with end caps and both internal and external corner pieces, they provide superb edging with profile sizes for tile-heights of 9, 11 and 13.5 mm.

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  • Wood profiles

Stair edging profiles with solid wood step surface Mediterranean inspiration for indoors and out.

Wood profiles for indoor locations are made of fine-grained European oak. The profiles for exteriors have a chunkier design and are made of especially hard wood.


  • Standard profiles

Individual stair-edging profiles with a step board made of nonslip PVC.  Standard profiles provides for unique looks while improving the safety of steps.The step board surfaces can be interchanged and are available in five colors.

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  • Solid profiles

Safe aluminium and stainless steel profiles with grooved step surfaces.

Superb looks and durable functionality are the hallmarks of these stair edging profiles which  provide both protection and an effective finish to ceramic or natural stone steps.

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  • Other profiles

1. STEPFLOOR Perfect looks and functionality –ideal after renovations.

>STEPFLOOR is the perfect insert profile for laminate or parquet stair edges. STEPFLOOR G angled insert and edging profile.

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2.CLIPPER STEP Variable stair edging profiles with no screws.

>For flooring heights from 7 mm to 14 mm. The solid aluminium top profiles have extremely hard treated
surfaces. High loading capacity but easy to remove and replace at any time. The mounting clip fixes the top profile at the right height. A bottom profile with an extra wide base ensures safety of installation.

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3. PROTECT – TEKAScrew-in or self-adhesive edging for stairs or elsewhere.

>Protect – angled profiles for installation in existing locations to protect edges. Made of aluminium or brass tosn25be secured by adhesive or screws and also available with wood decoration.



> TEKA stair edging profile to trap carpets or linoleum and provide discrete edge protection. Made of silver anodized aluminium.