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Floor Profiles

Design surfacing is now a topical issue Things that looked outdated yesterday can now get a shiny, new decorative appearance thanks to ultra-modern surfacing technology. Low surfacing heights provide major advantages, but they also pose big challenges regarding appropriate profile design for such heights, as each design surfacing has an end or an edge that needs to be sealed.





Much of the modern design surfacing excels due to its low structural height. The angle profiles and separating profiles are available for structural heights from 2 mm and can be used to edge or finish almost any design surfacing. It can also be used on a wall as a horizontal surfacing end profile or as a vertical separation profile. Other profiles is used when there is no space for skirting or when the interior design requires slim wall/floor connections.

floorrs 4                                                      floorrs 2                                                              floorrs 5

Height compensation problems are common when designer surfacing is used. The differences must either be compensated for by adjusting the foundation or by using surfacing material with a different thickness. The sturdy and variable height adjusters our profiles ensure that this can always be done with a high level of design quality and safety. Some profile systems are additionally equipped with an edging strap that encloses the surfacing edge along the whole length of the profile.

floors 6       floors 7                                                                      floors 9       floors 10


floors 11

floors 8

Floor Systems:

  • Drainage channel systems

fs1 fs2




  • Entrance Mats